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Survivors, lawyers and experts are calling for the abolishment of internal ADF reporting, investigation, and rulings on all assault ­complaints.

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If you feel impacted by any of these stories, please seek professional help! 

Human Rights Advocate

"The endless bureaucratic barriers that survivors encounter often makes their journey towards healing impossible, hence the high incidences of suicide risk and self-harm, which are likely far higher than what’s reported”

- Human Rights Advocate Dr Kay Danes OAM 

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Human Rights for All

“Moral Courage: When the ‘Line in the Sand’ Demands a Response”

by Nikki Coleman (2023)

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"If the ADF truly wants its members to stand up and do the right thing, I would argue that we need to be more proactive in recognising those who have shown extraordinary moral courage at great risk and cost to themselves.

Citation: Coleman, Nikki (2023) "“Moral Courage: When the ‘Line in the Sand’ Demands a Response”," The International Journal of Ethical Leadership: Vol. 10, Article 4.

Further reading: 

Tory Shepherd, (2023) "ADF leadership ‘protected’ air force chaplain’s abuser, royal commission hears," The Guardian. (here) 


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