Many Australian Defence Force members have been subjected to professional employment failures during service, causing them irrevocable reputational HARM and mental trauma. 

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What are Professional Employment Failures? 

Discrimination  |  Bullying  & Harassment  |  Unacceptable Behaviour  |  Sexual Abuse  | Maladministration  | Defective  Administration  

We are calling upon the ADF to reform some of its practices, in order to help ADF commanders improve current best practice within the ADF, and to help maintain good relations in the ranks, by dealing with workplace complaints at an early stage, and through genuine mediation.




Reforms to the Redress of Grievance and Defence inquiry processes are urgently needed. Currently they are seriously flawed, and often result in significant professional employment failures that create mental trauma and reputational harm to serving ADF members.


If WORKPLACE REFORMS are not addressed then Australian Defence Force (ADF) members will continue to carry unresolved grievances into life beyond service. This impacts efforts to realistically reduce  LEGAL redress claims, SUICIDE risk and SELF-HARM, currently plaguing the ADF veteran community.


"We are asking:

  1. for changes to the Defence (Inquiry) Regulations 2018 so that Defence Inquiries are subject to legal  technicalities, rules of evidence, principles of open justice and common law;

  2. that Defence Inquiry officers undertake legal training;

  3. that witness testimony is taken under oath/affirmation;

  4. for an introduction to an appeal process outside the Chain of Command;

  5. for access to genuine mediation for ADF members to resolve workplace complaints,  

  6. for a corrective action policy to be put in place to ensure procedural fairness; and 

  7. for a reparation policy to include: acknowledgement that violations were committed against the ADF member, to repair the damage done by these violations, and to identify the root causes of the violations to prevent them from occurring again in the future.

It is time to do better... to mitigate the risk of suicide and self-harm, and professional employment failures!

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Retain the Meritorious Unit Citation awarded to Task Force 66 (SOTG IV-XX) 26th of Jan 15


The Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) has recommended to the Governor General of Australia (GG) to revoke the Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) in support of the Inspector General Australian Defence Force (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry.  This recommendation can not be made without a 'conviction'. The GG has the Constitutional Power to deny this recommendation; reference, Australian Defence Medal Regulations 8A(2)(a). This recommendation unjustly dis-embellishes all members awarded the MUC causing immense mental anguish as vast majority of honourable Defence personnel are treated as if guilty. 

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Story telling is important to our nation. As Australians, we do this through our honours and awards system. We award medals to athletes to celebrate their sporting achievements and to those who have excelled in academia and community service. We award bravery medals to everyday citizens who risk their lives for others. We honour Defence families with a remembrance pin. Yes, we also award medals, citations, clasps and commendations to Australian Defence Members & First Responders.


These tell the story of where they served and for how long. But of those Killed-In-Service both overseas and at home, in response to emergencies, conflict and disaster, we do not officially personalise their sacrifice or conclude their record of service.


All ADF personnel wounded, injured or killed in service, deserve recognition for their service and their death. May they Rest In Peace.

Acknowledging their Personal Sacrifice is the Right thing to do! 

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