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Let's build a more fair and robust ADF workplace together.  


We encourage policy reforms to accord ADF members realistic opportunities to resolve their grievances

and advance towards a fairer, more just and mentally robust workplace. 

Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide 

Royal Commission Submissions

Relevant Publications

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Ever Suffered a Career Detriment in the ADF?

Have you ever been subjected to an action where there has been an unreasonable failure to institute appropriate administrative procedures in dealing with your matters in the workplace? 

Have you been given incorrect or ambiguous advice that was within an official’s power and knowledge (or was reasonably capable of being obtained by the official) and which has resulted in a detriment to your career? 

Have you been involved in matters where you were called either as a witness, or called to show cause in relation to a complaint or incident, and as a consequence you were punished?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you may have a claim for defective administration under the Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration Scheme (CDDA Scheme).

What is the CDDA scheme?

The CDDA scheme enables Government agencies to compensate individuals who have experienced losses caused by the agency’s defective actions or inactions. The purpose of the CDDA Scheme is to put the claimant back into the financial position they would have been in had the defective administration not occurred.

What type of losses can be claimed? 

Compensation is payable if the loss suffered is a direct result of the defective administration. Loss or injury can be claimed for: Financial loss; Detriment relating to personal injury, including a recognised mental illness; Damage to property; Bank Dishonour fees. Note: Compensation will not be given for grief, anxiety, embarrassment or disappointment that is unrelated to a personal injury that is being compensated under the CDDA scheme.

About making a claim

The nature of your complaint needs to be articulated concisely. You can make a complaint yourself or you can nominate someone else to make a complaint for you. (We recommend the latter) 

Your complaint should include; 

  • Your current employment status (serving, reserves, ex-serving ADF personnel),

  • Details of your complaint and any relevant violation of regulations/legislation,  

  • What level your complaint reached (e.g., CDF, IGADF, Ombudsman, Minister, Information Commissioner etc.),

  • The achieved outcome or resolution.

  • The losses you incurred as a direct result of defective administration. 

  • Description of the outcome you wanted to achieve.

Next step: Formalise your complaint by completing the following CDDA form (below)


"Often overlooked is the fact that many ADF members have been subjected to significant professional employment failures during service that has caused them irrevocable reputational harm. The risk of suicide and self harm is not just a consequence of war. It is now commonly accepted that there is a link between institutional abuse and abnormal suicide risk among serving members."

Kay earned her PhD with the School of Law and Justice at Southern Cross University, and has a Masters in Human Rights, with High Distinctions, at Curtin University. 

Dr Kay Danes OAM 


"As frequently displayed in the media, the hierarchy of Defence appear quick to condemn ADF personnel without due process. But are silent in publicly exculpating them when Defence Legal Officers cannot uphold the ‘brutal truths’ as espoused. The Defence Legal Service needs to be held to account for sustaining the impact defence abuse and gross maladministration has on ADF members."

Glenn is an ex-Army Officer who understands the reality of defence maladministration. Kolomeitz has postgraduate degrees in international law, fraud and financial crime investigation, investigation management, and business administration. He is presently writing his doctoral thesis on command responsibility for war crimes and maintains that there will undoubtedly be litigation or defective administrative actions arising from the flawed findings of the Brereton report.

Lawyer Glenn Kolomeitz

Kerry Feb 2018 Training RAAF Richmond Airforce Base - 2.jpg

WO1 (Retd) Kerry Danes, CSM

"I served 42 years in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), predominately with the Australian Special Forces, and obtained the rank of Warrant Officer Class One. Throughout my service, I have stood beside a number of my colleagues who were subjected to inequitable treatment that resulted in significant detriment to their career, reputation and mental health. The mistreatment of ADF personnel must stop! We need reforms that include a reparation policy that: acknowledges violations that were committed against an ADF member, to repair the damage done by these violations, and to identify the root causes of the violations to prevent them from occurring again in the future."

Kerry has deployed numerous times to several ADF operational theatres, including Afghanistan, where he deployed in varying roles and twice as a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of two Special Operation Task Group rotations. Throughout his career, Kerry Danes specialised in counterterrorism, hostage rescue and crisis continuity planning in extreme environments.

Australian first – public defence and veteran suicide prevention symposium

19 February 2021

Academics, experts and practitioners from across Australia will come together in March to look at suicide prevention and mental health through a two-day symposium in Canberra, themed ‘Prevention Through Understanding'.

Download the Full Symposium Program (Here)

Dr Kay Danes address to National Commissioner Symposium on Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention
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