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For 25 years, WO1 (Retd) Kerry Danes CSM has been driving this campaign to have the Australian Government bestow medallic recognition on ALL members of the Australian Defence Force who are injured, wounded or killed in or as a result of service, and to recognise the sacrifices made by their families.

As the Australian Government draws near to making an historic decision around the varying categories that will honour those individuals and their families, the question of retrospectivity has become a talking point.


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Just how far back do you think the award of the 'Memorial clasp'

for those Killed-In-Service to Australia should go?


According to the recommendation of the Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal Report, a Memorial Clasp – to be posthumously awarded to a member of the ADF or a veteran who dies in or as a result of service. The Clasp is to be attached to the Australian campaign or service medal most relevant to the circumstances in which the death occurred and bearing, at the discretion of the veteran’s family.


OPTION 1 - From as early as the Sudan Campaign (3 MAR 1885) when the very first Australian died in service and to recognise 100% or 102,911 Australians killed in campaigns such as: WW1, WW2, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc 


OPTION 2 - From the end of World War 2 (03 SEP 1945) to recognise 1.6% or 1, 648 Australians killed in contemporary campaigns such as: Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan...

The Poll (Memorial Clasp for those Killed in Service)
The Memorial Clasp should be available to ADF members KILLED in campaigns from:

Thanks for your response.

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