Australian Defence Force members who are subjected to unresolved professional employment failures during service, face irrevocable reputational harm and mental trauma. Let's build a more fair and robust ADF workplace together.  


If WORKPLACE REFORMS are not addressed then Australian Defence Force (ADF) members will continue to carry unresolved grievances into life beyond service. This impacts efforts to realistically reduce  LEGAL redress claims, SUICIDE risk and SELF-HARM, currently plaguing the ADF veteran community.

Let's embrace a solutions-based approach to strengthen the administration of our human resources capability:

Requires some minor changes to the current Defence (Inquiry) Regulations 2018 policy, so that:

  1. Defence Inquiries are subject to legal  technicalities, rules of evidence, principles of open justice and common law;

  2. Defence Inquiry officers undertake legal training;

  3. Witness testimony is taken under oath/affirmation;

  4. There can be a transparent appeal process outside the Chain of Command;

  5. Members can access genuine mediation to resolve workplace complaints, 

  6. For a corrective action policy to be put in place to ensure procedural fairness; and 

  7. For a reparation policy to include: acknowledgement that violations were committed against the ADF member, to repair the damage done by these violations, and to identify the root causes of the violations to prevent them from occurring again in the future.

Professional Employment Failures

Discrimination  |  Bullying  & Harassment  |  Unacceptable Behaviour  |  Sexual Abuse  | Maladministration  | Defective  Administration