#Defence Lives Matter

Thousands of serving, reserves and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel are subjected to professional employment failures that cause irrevocable reputational harm and expose them to suicide risk and self harm. 

This website seeks to promote a necessity for a Royal Commission. Further, to create an independent forum for genuine workplace mediation that is accessible to serving, reserves and ex-serving ADF personnel, to create opportunities for early interventions, in response to professional employment failures. 

It is time to do better... and mitigate the risk of suicide and self-harm.

Professional Employment Failures may result from...

Discrimination   |   Bullying   |   Harassment   |   Unacceptable Behaviour   |   Sexual Abuse   |   Slander   |   Maladministration   |   Defective   

|   Administration   |   Defamation   |   False Reporting or Refusal to Report   |   Unfair Treatment

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