Australian Defence Force members are subjected to professional employment failures each year, causing them irrevocable reputational HARM and mental trauma. 

We need to do better...

The current discussion on policy inequities maintains that the Defence (Inquiry) Regulations 2018 has the potential to expose ADF Commanders to the risk of making procedurally unfair decisions. The following discussions are offered in good faith to plead policy reforms to ensure ADF members have realistic opportunities to resolve their complaint in the workplace, to advance towards a fairer, more just and mentally robust workplace.. 

A solutions based approach...

Submission 11 March 2021

Pleading Positive Reform: An analysis of suicide risk, self-harm, and reputational peril impacting serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members.


Dr Kay Danes, OAM, PhD (Law & Justice), MHumRights.

“As a human rights and social justice advocate, I hope the available research here will open a dialogue for much needed reforms to the ADF's Defence Inquiry Process.”

Australian first – public defence and veteran suicide prevention symposium

19 February 2021

Academics, experts and practitioners from across Australia will come together in March to look at suicide prevention and mental health through a two-day symposium in Canberra, themed ‘Prevention Through Understanding'.

Download the Full Symposium Program (Here)

Dr Kay Danes address to National Commissioner Symposium on Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention

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