Australian Defence Force members are subjected to professional employment failures each year, causing them irrevocable reputational HARM and mental trauma. 

New Research

Towards Positive Reform: An analysis of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

Defence Inquiry Process.


Briefing Paper 

by Dr Kay Danes, OAM


21 Jan 2021

This document is a living paper that will be updated as new information comes to hand. There is a real opportunity here for academics to start contributing new knowledge to this important conversation. In this document you will find a number of topics that could easily inform the basis of a research proposal, journal article, or conference presentation. 

The purpose of this report is to call on the ADF to reform some of its practices in order to help ADF commanders improve current best practice within the ADF, and to help maintain good relations in the ranks, by dealing with workplace complaints at an early stage, and through genuine mediation.

“As a human rights and social justice advocate, I hope the available research here will open a dialogue for much needed reforms to the ADF's Defence Inquiry Process.”- Dr Kay Danes, OAM

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