#Defence Lives Matter

Help raise awareness about the issue of suicide risk and professional employment failures impacting serving, reserves, and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel. 

Statement from ADF Veteran WO1 (Retired) Kerry Danes, CSM


01 July 2020

"I served 42 years in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), predominately with the Australian Special Forces, and obtained the rank of Warrant Officer Class One. 

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Throughout my service, I have witnessed the devastating impact that professional employment failures resulting in defective administration has on a serving member's career and mental health. On occasion, I also personally experienced injustice and was denied procedural fairness in the absence of good and honest leadership. I too had Defence regulations misused against me, was maliciously portrayed by falsehoods, and refused an opportunity to correct misinformation, despite well-established legal principles designed to afford me protection against discrimination, defamation, bullying and harassment.

I served my country on numerous operational deployments and was awarded medal recognition for my service. I was loyal to the ADF throughout my entire career. The only expectation I ever had was that the ADF would treat me and my colleagues fairly, in accordance with legislative workplace policy relating to our professional employment.

It is difficult to summarise long and complicated complaint processes, and to articulate the frustration of unfair and inequitable treatment that often results in significant detriments to both career, reputation and mental health. Sadly, I have come to understand that some in Defence do abuse their power, and Australian taxpayer dollars, to willfully victimize ADF members. This mistreatment of serving ADF personnel must stop!"


Kerry Danes, CSM (ADF Veteran) 

WO1 Kerry Danes (2018)

"The act of making a false accusation against another employee or employer is itself defamation."

Professional Employment Failures may result from...

Discrimination   |   Bullying   |   Harassment   |   Unacceptable Behaviour   |   Sexual Abuse   |   Slander   |   Maladministration   |   Defective   

|   Administration   |   Defamation   |   False Reporting or Refusal to Report   |   Unfair Treatment

Together We Fight for a Fair Go! 

I am available to include your case in my representations to varying Senators and appropriate third parties who may be sympathetic to this issue. And I fully appreciate the challenge that comes with trying to summarise highly complex matters but as a starting point, please send me:  

  Your current employment status (serving, reserves, ex-serving ADF personnel),

  A brief synopsis (Microsoft Word Doc Format) of your complaint,  

  Indicate what level your complaint reached (e.g., CDF, IGADF, Ombudsman, Minister, Information Commissioner etc.),

  Did you achieve an outcome or resolution?

  What outcome were you hoping to acheive?

  Would you consider being part of a class action against Defence?

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